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Anatomy Saturdays
A firm grasp of the fundamental sciences is vital to the practise of any clinician – whatever your final chosen career path may be. Just like any top vocation today, if you want to become a surgeon, you have to know the basics. Ernie Els had to learn to swing the club, Pelé had to learn to dribble, Jacques Kallis had to learn the forward defensive, and you are going to need to know your anatomy! We as the UCT Surgical Society would like to afford you the opportunity to get a head start through invaluable teaching in surgical anatomy in your undergraduate training.

Our anatomy teaching workshops (to sign up click on the link at bottom of the article!) are run on a Saturday morning in the department of human anatomy, UCT Medical School. We focus each session on a particular field of surgery and the relevant anatomical areas. As an example, our previous workshops include the following:

1 Orthopaedics: Surgical anatomy of the hand and shoulder

2 Neurosurgery: Introduction to the surgical anatomy of the brain

3 Hepato-biliary and colo-rectal surgery: Introduction to the surgical anatomy of the abdomen.

4 Head and Neck: introduction to the surgical anatomy of the head and neck.

We are privileged to have the backing of world class teachers and clinicians from the department of Human Anatomy at UCT as well as the department of Surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital who run the workshops. This is the foundation on which to build a grand career – it is our pleasure as the UCT Surgical Society to afford this to you.

To SIGN UP for our workshops, go to the following link:

See you at the next workshop!

Sean Tromp

UCT Surgical Society 2011